Website Visitor Loyalty-5 Ways To Get People To Leave Your Website Quickly

Website visitor loyalty is so difficult to create. This article, by Jeff Shuman, gives a few powerful things we can do to improve website visitor loyalty dramatically. Thanks, Jeff!

Have you ever been to a website that you took one look at and quickly left? As hard as all of us as Internet marketers work to get traffic to our website you would think we would try harder to keep our visitors there longer.

I read somewhere once that the average person spends less than 20 seconds on a website. That means you have a very limited amount of time to catch their attention.

If you are not using Google Analytics, or some other program to track what’s going happening on your own website, you should. This is a good way to see what web pages visitors are entering your site on and how long they are staying.

In this article let’s quickly talk about 5 ways that online marketers quickly drive traffic away from their website.

1. No focus. Once a person lands on your site they should immediately know exactly what you do or sell. If you want to get them to leave right away force them to spend a lot of time navigating around your site to determine what it’s exactly about.

2. Information overload. Some websites contain so much information that a person quickly becomes discouraged and leaves.

Hopefully your home page offers the exact information that a person would be searching for based on the keyword phrases they are typing into their search engine search box.

3. Broken links. This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I do not like to land on a website that contains links that lead to error pages or pages that are no longer active.

If you want people to leave your site quickly send them to a link that doesn’t provide any useful information. They will exit that page and be gone forever.

A better approach is to create your own pages even if you’re selling affiliate products. Have the links opening to a new web page so when the person exits it they come back to your web page.

4. No contact us page. If a person is interested in something they may have a question and want to contact you. If you don’t provide a way for them to get ahold of you can expect them to leave your website and you will never hear from them again.

5. Complicated ordering process. There is nothing more frustrating than somebody trying to order something from a website and having a problem doing it.

If you are selling your own products make it very easy for your customer to order from you. If you’re selling affiliate products create a review page about the affiliate product before sending them through to your affiliate sales page where they can order.

These are 5 ways you can expect people to leave your website very quickly if you’re not careful. Hopefully you are not doing these five things, but if you are you should make adjustments to your website immediately!



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