Way-finding: The Ultimate Guide For Repeat Visitors

All tourists are moving away from something and toward something else- “bucket lists” “dream vacations” and “a day in the life” are all about aspirations before we leave this planet.

All humans need a way to beam out of their everyday lives to reach for something extraordinary, beautiful, inspiring, refreshing and memorable. The travel and tourism industry is the only industry that has the capability of making dreams accessible to everyone, even people on a budget or those who are not seasoned travelers. Life is not just about “rise and grind”. There’s beauty, music, vistas, unconquered territory that speaks to our souls.

Instead of “selling” new visitors, let’s inspire them, woo them, and hear and capture their stories so we can inspire others with them. And instead of tourists, let’s convert them into locals by the time they leave. Let’s make their stories part of our larger history and build emotional ties so strong, they can’t wait to come back and to share their experience with friends and family.

This talk will inspire way-finding for those who enable visitors to make this life-long memories.

  1. Answer “why”

  2. Mind of the visitor; where they’re coming from

  3. What they’re reaching for; dreams, rest, memory, refreshment, joy

  4. Reach the heart; the mind remembers

  5. Your corner of Eden; the reals gifts are free

  6. Recording stories three “R’s”; remembrance, romance, re-visit

  7. You’re not Disneyland; You’re the real deal

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