Strategies to Save Money on Education

Are you looking for strategies to save money on education?

Maybe you’re a businessperson just trying to keep yourself informed about the treasure trove of resources that are out there. Technology is racing forward at a rapid clip. It’s hard to keep up.

Maybe you’re a new entrepreneur trying to start your first small business. Do you need basic business knowledge?

Maybe you’re trying to expand into international markets. Do you need to learn a foreign language to make your business more successful?

Continuing education is a must.

But the economy is suffering. You don’t have money to spare, and educational institutions certainly can’t afford to lower their tuition costs right now.

Are there any alternatives? Are there any ways to cut the costs of education?

Clark Howard suggests a few educational resources. Although some of them are not for credit, they are free.

Here are a few options for your consideration.

1. U.C. Berkeley ( – Offers free online university courses; the courses are non-credited

2. MIT University ( – Offers free online university courses; the courses are non-credited; no registration required

3. Wikiversity ( – Offers free online educational resources

4. OpenCourseWare Finder ( – Provides a database of listings of free online university courses

5. BBC Online Language School ( – Offers free online language courses

6. ( – Provides a database of free online language courses

7. Apple Media Workshops ( – Offers free classroom-based, hands-on courses on multimedia software

8. HP Learning Center ( – Offers free online classes on everything from graphic arts to business management to grant writing

If you’re interested in continuing your education, check out these alternatives to traditional university classes.

You’ll be investing in your own intellectual capital and contributing to your business’s success.

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