Small Business Tip: Customer Engagement Wegman’s Style

You’ve heard the small business tip about satisfying your customers or even delighting your customer. How about shocking the living daylights out of your customer?

Wegman’s opened  a new store in Northborough, Massachusetts. A Wegman’s loyalist drove over 47 miles to go shopping there. She blogged about her experience which you can read here.

Apparently, this rabid Wegman’s fan was so excited about the store opening, she forgot to buy a few things on her shopping list including paper towels.

She mentioned this on her blog. Guess what happened by the time she got home?

Wegman’s found her blog post. They saw she was short paper towels. They beat her home, left a message on her home phone to let her know they made a delivery to her house.

The video above captured the astonished Wegman’s customer. The video is uncut and real time.

In that delivery was a train load of paper towels and all manner of other goodies just so she got the message, Wegman’s appreciates its loyal customers.

This woman had tears in her eyes.

When was the last time one of your customers got tears in their eyes because your service was so tuned in and generous?

Wegman’s really gets it. They have much to teach all small business owners.

Listen for new ways to add value, solve problems, make people’s lives a little easier.  Surprise them. Just do it. You’ll be amazed at the loyalty that results.

Here’s my message to Wegman’s; when are you coming to New York City?!

Give Gristedes and Gourmet Garage a run for their money!

You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Here’s another way Wegman’s builds rabid customer loyalty. It might spark some creativity for you to do the same in your small business.

So what happens to your profit and loss statement when you build this kind of loyalty?

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In your corner as always.

Dawn Fotopulos

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