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The best small business resources are often hidden. So we’re constantly on the lookout for organizations, technology, new ways of thinking that will help our small business owners and solopreneurs build sustainable businesses.

I just received an email from the brilliant Tricia Lapinski who coordinates the Kauffman Fast Trac Program at The Levin Institute here in New York City.

Apparently, The Ben Applebaum Foundation is looking for small business owners whose businesses  have a lot of promise so they can mentor these owners to greater levels of success.

How thrilling to know this small business resource is opening its arms to brave entrepreneurs.

The Foundation lives to provide  hands-on mentoring for ” inspiration, guidance and practical assistance”.  I can’t believe I never knew this place existed.

SCORE  and the Small Business Development Centers and the SBA have similar programs, however Applebaum is well-funded and brilliantly staffed. They’re pros and mentoring is their specialty.

My guess is, the type of support you would receive at Applebaum would be more in-depth and more consistent.

Anyone who is running a small business in the tri-state area should get to know the Applebaum Foundation. My bet is, if you become a mentee, the chances of you building a sustainable business goes up dramatically.

In this economy, reach for all the qualified help you can. Don’t go it alone.

You need to apply to become a mentee online. That link is here.

If you’re not ready to commit and want to learn more click this link to contact them.

Mr. Applebaum’s legacy lives on through the lives of those they mentor.

We applaud the Applebaum Foundation and all the important work they are doing.

At Best Small Biz Help, we are The Solopreneur’s Lifeline.

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