Small Business Marketing Tip: Add Value to Ordinary Things

What can you do with an ordinary, used, plastic soda bottle? This small business marketing tip is to give you new eyes to see the assets you take for granted and be inspired to ask “what if…..?”

This gentleman from the Philippines took the soda bottle garbage that was hanging around the barrio district and brought a miracle to his community. This video is well worth your time.

The best line? “We used to take this bottle for granted. Now, we can’t live without it.”

How can you take a talent, an everyday item, a commodity service and change its context? How can you make your customer’s lives easier, more joyful, less stressful, more enriched?

You probably have something in your life right now you could give new life to. If a simple soda bottle can bring so much light to so many, there’s no end to what you can accomplish.

Look at what the end benefits were. People who were sleeping all day or felt depressed found new motivation to live.

Small business marketing tips is about finding an under-served group of people who need what you’re great at doing. They’re out there.

Our Instant Marketing Manager Course can show you exactly how to do that. You get it F*REE when you sign up for our Instant CFO Course. That’s a $249 value for $49. It’s a steal. And if you don’t gain from it, we return your money. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

In your corner as always,

Dawn Fotopulos

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