Small Business Ideas: Fuze Meeting—Conduct Meetings and Share Documents from Your Computer or Mobile

Small business mobile applications can really streamline your operations. In these series of articles, we’re reviewing the newest and coolest mobile applications for small businesses to drive down costs and increase productivity.

In this article, Celina Durgin explains the buzz about Fuze Meeting.

“This cloud-based conference and meeting service made the top ten-list for software of its kind on Top Ten Reviews publishes reviews on electronics and web services, especially for small businesses.

  1. Do you or your collaborators ever have trouble commuting to attend meetings?

  2. Do you want to conveniently share documents with employees or investors?

Fuze Meeting may be able to help.  You can even use this browser-based service to hold meetings on your mobile device with the Fuze Meeting application.

The software costs $29 per month.  Many businesses have found Fuze Meeting to be a huge time-saver for both themselves and potential investors, who also appreciate saving time.

One of these businesses is POWERSHiFTER, a Vancouver-based interactive agency. They specialize in the creation of digital campaigns, web sites and platforms, branded content and social marketing.

Its Director of Integrated Production, Ryan McCormick, said “We just signed up to Fuze Meeting this week and are using it with our remote clients and contractors.

Everyone is totally blown away by the ease of use and HD image quality. Our shop is an interactive agency and lives and breathes technology through and through—this platform blows the doors off of anything out there, period.”

How Does Fuze Meeting Mobile Application for Small Business Work?

  1. No Hardware: Fuze Meeting is Software as a Service (SaaS), or cloud-based, meaning you won’t need to buy any equipment.

  2. Browser-Based: Neither you nor your attendees have to download anything to join meetings.  Just create an online account, add contact numbers, and click a button to dial people in using the Fuze In℠ feature.

  3. HD Video: Interact with one another on the screen of your computer or mobile device with high-quality video.

  4. Mobile Application: You or your invitees can use the iPhone or iPad application to join the meeting and share documents right from their mobile devices. Share documents even while the meeting is in progress!

  5. Cross-platform Compatibility: Host or attend from an iPhones or iPad

  6. Real Time Connection: Dial people in to the meeting through their Androids or Blackberries.

  7. Document Sharing: Display rich media files for everyone to see simultaneously.  Use the annotation tools to write comments on shared documents during the meeting.

Why Fuze Meeting for Small Business Mobile Applications?

  1. Efficiency: Fuze Meeting designed its browser-based program so meeting attendees can join without lengthy or problematic software downloads.  They don’t even have to dial in.

  2. Easy: The Fuze In℠ feature calls them into web conference with one click.  You do have to download the application, which is included in the package.  Fuze Meeting also costs less than other leading conference software, like WebEx.  The $29/month plan gives you access to unlimited online meetings with a toll-free number, remote control, and more.  You can try it free for two weeks.

  3. Productivity: Instantly display high-definition videos, photos, and presentations from your small business to every attendee.  Upload content to the conference software or share it directly from your desktop in real time.  Start meetings in two steps, host up to 25 invitees, and invite people throughout the course of the meeting.

  4. Mobility: You can upload and download content quickly, even if you’re holding a meeting from your mobile device.  All 4G-ers in a meeting will be able to see video about 10 times sooner than the 3G mobile attendees.  People who were unable to physically attend or sit at their desks in front of their computers can simply take out their phone and join when you dial them in.

Fuze Meeting can provide your small business with a new way to save you time and your customers’ or collaborators’ time.

Its mobile application and other mobile features can help you and attendees fit meetings into their schedules much more easily, and it can facilitate document sharing.

If meeting with contractors, employees, investors, or collaborators is an integral part of your small business’s success, Fuze Meeting is worth a try.

Do you want to compare Fuze to Banckle? Which mobile application is right for you?

We’ve compared both software platforms here.

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Thanks, Celina! We’ll be publishing more reviews of the best mobile applications for small businesses.

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