Small Biz Resources- F*ree Office Software

Small business resources free Open Office software is Sun MicroSystem’s answer to expensive Microsoft Office software.

Break free of the Microsoft mafia!

When you are a small business owner, every penny matters. These days, who can afford to spend hundreds or even thousands on software that has to be upgraded every two years?

Sun Microsystem has spent the last twenty years building small business resources with free Open Office software. This software can do everything Microsoft Office can do.

Open Office software includes: *Open-source office suite *Word processing *Spreadsheets *Presentations *Database management and more.

Small business resources free Open Office software also supports many different languages. How cool is that?

There are no licensing fees. There are no hidden charges. All this from the trusted guys at Sun MicroSystems.

And if you already have files created in other office software, there is a high likelihood those files are compatible with Open Office software.

Open Office software will read existing files without you having to retype. The screens and menus are designed to look familiar so you have a short learning curve.

This free Open Office software is: *Easy to use *Easy to install *Easy to learn

Research has shown it is easier to convert from Microsoft to free Open Office software than it is to upgrade from your current Microsoft Office version to Microsoft 2007!

This free Open Office software is translated, supported,and developed by an international community so you’re never alone when you have questions. We love this!

No matter what how small your business, you need small business resources free Open Office software to help you run the place. Check it out and let us know what you think.

We will always scour the web and the world to find our small business owners THE most effective small business resources to run their companies. We believe Open Office software is a real winner.

Small Business resources free Open Office software. What could be better than that?

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