Small Biz Ideas- Targeted TV Ads

You own a small business, and you’re looking for ways to get your small business ideas out there.

Every marketing option you’ve researched has been far too expensive.

Television advertisements can cost thousands of dollars. For example, some sources estimate that running an ad during CSI can total $10,000 per thirty seconds.

Radio advertisements are much cheaper. Even so, they still cost hundreds of dollars. For example, it generally costs, at minimum, $300 per thirty seconds to run a radio advertisement that will air during the morning commute.

But you need clients. You need to get your small business ideas out there.

So what are your alternatives?

On his website, money-savvy Clark Howard points entrepreneurs to a more inexpensive alternative:

Clark emphasizes that “allows you to target specific parts of a town and get ad quotes on a variety of channels.”

The cost to run an ad through is comparatively cheap.

For example, you can run a twenty-five-second-long commercial on MSNBC between nine in the morning and four in the afternoon in the Washington, D.C. metro area for just $70.

In a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, you can run an ad of the same length at the same time on CNN for $9 and on MSNBC for $11.

When you first log on to, you choose the location in which you’d like to air your commercial.

Admittedly, airtime in some locations costs more than airtime in other locations. It costs more to air a commercial in New York City than in Raleigh, North Carolina.

One downside to is that there are many locations that it does not serve. It does serve most major cities though.

Next, allows you to either select a pre-made advertisement or to upload your own original advertisement.

The website says, “We expect to see all kinds of content from general issues, politics, advertisements for local musicians and entertainers, personal/classifieds to OpEds, PSA’s, and ads for local businesses and events. plans to be the Voice of the People. We want to let your voice be as powerful as that of an advertiser or big corporation. Put your mouth where your money is and SAY SOMETHING!”

Once you have chosen an ad and a location, allows you to choose to air your commercial on multiple networks, including MSNBC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and many more.

It displays quotes for all of these networks during multiple time slots.

Whatever way you choose to promote your small business ideas, remember that repetition is essential! Buying one advertisement won’t flood your business with clients.

So come up with a strategic plan, knowing that inexpensive options like are out there.

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