Small Biz Ideas- Resume Services

Are you looking for small business ideas that you can pursue part-time? Do you have human resources experience?

If so, consider providing résumé services.

People always need help with their résumés. When you apply for a job, your résumé speaks for you.

A potential employer may never meet you, but he will see your résumé. When he is reviewing hundreds of résumés, yours needs to stand out from the crowd.

So a résumé needs to capture who you are while still remaining professional.

The science of writing résumés remains an uncertain one. Professionals disagree about formatting and content. There are always trade offs and a variety of factors to consider.

How far back into your past experiences should your résumé extend? Should your résumé be limited to one page or are multiple pages acceptable?

These are all disputed points.

This means that, even in this technological age, computers cannot replace human expertise. puts it this way: “In spite of the fact that more than 50 percent of American and Canadian households have a computer system, starting a résumé service is still a fantastic new business to set in motion, as many people still require a professional touch in terms of the structure and format of their résumé.”

So your résumé-oriented small business ideas are still needed.

The demand is there. If you are a professional used to reviewing résumés, then you are prepared to meet it.

Your clientele can range from recent college graduates looking for professional guidance to seasoned businesspeople looking to fight the high unemployment statistics.

How do you market your résumé services?

Initially, you can post information on bulletin boards in local institutions. You can also submit ads for your services to your local newspapers.

To market your services to young graduates, try placing ads on Facebook and other social networking websites for young people.

Target your local library, community center, community colleges, and any local companies. Don’t forget local and regional career expos, as well.

Once you have a few initial clients, repeat customers and their referrals will sustain your business. Work to offer the best résumé services you can. You want to make sure customers come back and refer their friends.

Be sure to manage your business, though, and not to manage your customer retention. If you offer your résumé services in the best way that you can, your customer retention will take care of itself.

If this business concept appeals to you, you can also explore the possibility of treating it as an online service. People can email you their résumés, and you can provide them with feedback. It is certainly an adaptable business concept.

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