Small Biz Ideas- Going Mobile

Have you ever thought that going mobile could make your small business ideas more successful? The economy is not doing well. That means that unemployment rates are up, and it can be tough to make a living.

We assume that it is this way across the country. But that’s not true.Jobs are leaving states like Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

In states like Wyoming and Texas, there aren’t enough workers to fill all the jobs.

Some entrepreneurs are beginning to recognize this trend. They are moving to the opportunities, whether they are across the country or across the city.

Before you get worried, this doesn’t involve moving across the country.

Rather, “going mobile” involves packing up your business into a mobile office, most likely an RV. Then you don’t have to wait for customers to come to your office. Instead, you bring your office straight to your customers.

Clark Howard puts it this way: “Americans have always been a migratory people in search of better opportunities elsewhere. Now the newest wrinkle is that many entrepreneurs are going mobile by coming to customers—instead of waiting for customers to come to them.”

Doesn’t this cost more though? You’d need to spend more money on gas and vehicle maintenance. It seems as though that cost would outweigh any increase in business.

It is true that entrepreneurs who go mobile do need to spend more on gas. But if they don’t have storefronts, their overhead costs are much lower.

What does going mobile look like in practice?

On his website, Clark points out that many dentists work out of RV’s. They drive the RV’s to see individual patients and specific businesses.

For example, On Site Dental NV is a Las Vegas company that was founded by entrepreneur Chris Davenport. It owns two trailers that are fully equipped with all of the necessary dental technology.

The trailers park in the parking lots of eleven major Las Vegas casinos. Every week, one thousand patients are seen by dentists and hygienists in these trailers.

Many of the one thousand patients are employees of the casinos. Their dental benefits are covered under the casinos’ dental insurance plans.

In a recent article on, a few patients weighed in on the business.

Samantha Taube said, “If you know Las Vegas traffic these days, you know what a benefit this is.” She trains casino employees in slot machine operations. To get her teeth cleaned, she simply exited the MGM Grand Hotel and walked into the parking lot.

Beverly Egan is a poker dealer at a casino on the Strip. Before she could have dental work done on her teeth, she needed to have a few X-rays taken.

“I’d have to take three hours at least if I had to drive to an office,” she said. Instead, she walked into a trailer in the casino’s parking lot and cut her office visit to just thirty minutes.

Likewise, dog groomers and massage therapists are starting to adopt this practice, as well.

The Boston Globe recently found that mobile small business ideas can be very successful.

One mobile spa company has raised its revenues by three hundred percent. It employs seven hundred technicians in all fifty states.

Consider your small business ideas.

Are they attracting enough clients to make your business profitable? Or are there some creative changes you can make to bring in more business?

Maybe going mobile is exactly the boost that your small business ideas need.

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