Shop Small Movement: Amy’s Bread

The Shop Small Movement is about supporting independently owned small businesses in your neighborhood.

Have you ever tasted Amy’s Bread? It’s amazing! Listen to Amy as she talks about her mouthwatering breads and cakes. Her small business story is the story of every small business owner in the U.S.

We celebrate Amy’s Bread and everyone who is inspired by her.

If you are shopping for bread, cakes, or a yummy cookie on the go, shop small. Shop best. Shop local.

Join the movement! The Shop Small Movement secures our wonderful local small businesses that sell everything from cakes to candlesticks.


And if you’re looking for more great small business marketing tips, watch our small business training videos here. All the small business advice you need, all in one convenient place!

And if you’re stuck, just hit the Panic Button! It’s the only live help desk online for busy business owners. Experts are waiting to help you.

At Best Small Biz, we are The Solopreneur’s Lifeline. ™

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