I Fell In Love with 3,000 People in 2016

She produces the Scaling New Heights conferences for Woodard Events.

She asked if I’d like to consider giving a keynote address at their annual conference in Paradise Island.

It was a life-changing experience.

There were over 1,000 Intuit ProAdvisors in the audience with 2,000 watching live.

We had a lovefest.

And all I did was tell their stories. How one Intuit ProAdvisor found over $400K in hidden cash in her client’s business.

Another uncovered tens of thousands of dollars of fraud.

Still another found over $60,000 in more gross margin for one product (out of thousands) in a client’s product line.

And Ingrid Edstrom? She uses puppets to help get through to business owners who need to focus on their numbers. How great is that?!

The attendees were all Intuit ProAdvisors. They were every corner of the United States and in every case they shared a few things in common;

  1. A love for small businesses and their owners

  2. Brilliant minds to be able to interpret the insane tax code in this country

  3. Tech savvy to create the best accounting and cash management platforms for their clients

  4. A burning desire to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Sylvia Evan, Julie Gilmer, Renee Daggett, Caleb Jenkins, Jim Beddow, Ingrid Edstrom, Mariette Martinez and so many more Intuit ProAdvisors should be listed in Washington, D.C. as national treasures.

So yes, I love them and honor them for the sacrifices they make.

I respect their hard work and link arms with them on their mission to double small business survival rates.

And if you want to meet them, go to www.findaproadvisor.com.

It’s like an Angie’s Lists for bookkeepers expert in Intuit software.

In 2016, I gave the talk “More Than A Numbercruncher, How to Get the Most From Your Accounting Pro” in Silicon Valley.

Business owners and accounting pros were rushing me on the stage.

And if you haven’t written your review of Numberphobic on Amazon, please do.

It helps the mission more than you know.

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2017 will be another year filled with romance.

You never know!

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