How to kill the company in four short weeks?

There are millions of books that point the way to managing well, but few in business are listening. When Dawn Fotopulos challenges your employees to view how to guarantee failure in business, a “Screwtape Letters” approach to management, it forces their brains off of autopilot, makes audience members laugh and gets them to look squarely at reality in the mirror.

This presentation has received standing ovations in North America and Eastern Europe. Both for profit and nonprofit organizations have seen almost overnight results after they have heard these key, results-generating ideas. This talk can be presented as a customized 60-minute keynote, a 90 minute interactive breakout session or a hands-on, 3-hour workshop.

#audienceactivity #humorousfunny #StrategicPlanning #ProjectManagement #educationalinformative #StakeholderManagement #FinancialManagement #technicalspecific

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