How Disneyland Trains Street Sweepers: Creating An Unbeatable Customer Experience

Too often we look at the big picture forgetting that impressions and memories are made on the ground in the small interactions. The Disney Company understands this profoundly. Everyone from the lowest paid to the highest paid is trained, as part of their corporate culture, to engage, listen and respond to visitors.

This includes answering questions, providing directions, making suggestions for the best photo op, the best ice cream and planning ahead to watch to end of day parade.

This talk uses Disney’s ethos and applies it to the travel and tourism industry’s “boots on the ground” for education, inspiration and application. These are the building blocks for creating an unforgettable visitor experience in ways that don’t require large monetary investments.

  1. Street sweepers are market researchers- what do visitors need? Care about? Best place to take pictures!

  2. “The happiest place on earth”- is your claim true?

  3. Where is your “happy place”?

  4. What’s your tag line? How do you know it’s true?

  5. Building evidence through stories

  6. Capturing images, emotions, memories real-time

  7. Co-creating with visitors to help tell your story; visitor life events

  8. When do we need beauty, adventure, new understanding, refreshment?

  9. Dawn’s Seacloud story: “you gotta get out of this city”

  10. Every city dweller needs a break

  11. Running away or running toward?

  12. Hotel owners, restaurant owners, gallery, tour guides- take the time to listen

  13. Don’t observe visitors- come alongside them and hear their stories

  14. Don’t just serve visitors- honor and celebrate them!

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