Get Rid of Computer Spyware- Super Anti Spyware!

How to get rid of computer spyware when they hit your email box? Here’s the answer.

Yesterday, I signed onto my gmail account and I got a million emails indicating someone hacked into my email account, read my address book, and sent emails to all my contacts to buy Viagra from a Canadian resource.

To add insult to injury, Google shut down my email account for two days since “I” sent over 500 emails at once. Arghhhh!

If you’re online long enough, it’ll happen to you too. A great colleague, Martin Cherrin, made this suggestion and it worked for me. I’m passing on his wisdom to you.

In Marty’s words:

“In addition to my anti-virus program (McAfee), I use a great program called SuperAntiSpyware to specifically guard against such programs like the ones that attacked your machine in real time.

Even the free version will locate and eliminate any bad stuff on your computer. You can download that version via this link:

Install and run that and it will immediately find and destroy the trouble maker on your computer. SuperAntiSpyare’s motto, which it has lived up to for me and all of my friends who have tried it is: “Remove ALL the spyware, NOT just the easy Ones!”

The program will do the trick if the malware used your computer’s Gmail contact database to send the messages out – a 99% certainty.

In the extremely unlikely event that an individual actually hacked into your account on Gmail’s service and gained control of it, then SuperAntiSpyware (which also looks for and can eliminate major computer viruses) won’t be able to eliminate the problem.

I’ve never heard of the latter happening unless the user’s password to Gmail was somehow compromised, typically by another keystroke capturing program already on the computer.

However, SuperAntiSpyware will eliminate any such key logging programs on your computer. That’s how you get rid of viruses on your computer.

I’m sorry you had these computer woes, but no matter how careful one is, there are crazy people out there who enjoy causing such distress.”

Marty is a life-saver. You should consider downloading SuperAntiSpyware as a defensive measure even if you haven’t been hacked.

Why take a chance?And is free!

Thanks for this very helpful tip of how to get rid of viruses on your computer, Marty!

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