Expectations Vs. Reality: Creating The Ultimate Visitor Experience

“I’ve always wanted to….” Visit a part of the world, climb a mountain, go zip lining through the rainforest, see how the best wine in the world is made, visit the Pacific Coast, rugged and unspoiled. When someone has a dream they have expectations in their mind as to what the reality will be like.  Most expectations are built on dreams not reality. Most expectations are never met.

But what if we could understand our visitors so well, that the reality is far better than anything they could have ever expected? What if we could find ways to welcome visitors so warmly that they had a tear in their eye when they went home knowing they left a part of themselves behind?

This talk is designed to help all facets of the travel and tourism industry stop telling and selling and start listening to the experience your visitors are aching for but can’t articulate. It’s a new way of engaging a tourist and helping them feel like an insider soon after they arrive. It’s a way of communicating new possibilities they hadn’t thought about and instead of meeting expectations, you delight them with surprises and inspiration they never knew was waiting.

  1. Where visitors are coming from

  2. What visitors are looking forward to; how do we put a lai around everyone’s neck?

  3. Not all visitors are created equal; segment your visitors to tailor the experience

  4. Expectations vs. Reality; bridging the gap

  5. Carving your name in a tree; leaving a piece of your heart behind

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