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An online marketing campaign is only as good as what you put into it. In this article we will take a look at exactly what you need to put together a good online marketing campaign that produces results.

1. Every great online marketing campaign needs an autoresponder to capture prospects contact information. If you are not familiar with it an autoresponder is an automatic way to send email.

Quality auto responders today include Aweber and Getresponse. There are others, but generally it is considered that these are two of the best ways to store your prospect’s follow up information.

Regardless of the results your campaign gets if you are building a list for future follow up you can consider it to be a success. Your email marketing list is an asset that will gain value over the years.

2. You need a couple of good quality landing pages to promote. A landing page, which is also referred to as a splash page, is nothing more then a short website designed to entice your prospect to give you their contact information.

The way you do that is trade something of value in exchange for their contact information. A you surf around the Internet you should bookmark landing pages that catch your eyes and use those as samples of how you want to build your own.

Promoting a landing page is no different than promoting a website. You can do it in numerous ways including pay per click advertising, blogging, article marketing, discussion forums, and much more.

3. You need to test everything that you do. Therefore you need to track all of the results from the advertising you are doing.

You want to know which ads are drawing the best responses and where you are promoting those at. This is going way to be how you fine tune your marketing campaign and produce more results for less cost.

4. You want to combine paid advertising with free advertising. It’s not reasonable to expect you will get the results you want with just 100% free advertising.

However there is free advertising that does work extremely well once you learn how to do it. You should have a blog and should be using it to promote your business through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Pay per click advertising continues to be the fastest way to jump start an online marketing campaign. You can be getting traffic right after you pay for your ads.

This is a few tips on what you will need to to get your online marketing campaign going. By combining these elements you can develop a profitable online business.

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