Double #SMB Survival Rates in 2017

That’s 5% of the US small business population.

That’s reaching and transforming 3,000 small businesses per day.

I won’t stop.

I won’t quit.

I won’t give up.

I won’t fess up. 

I won’t shut up.

I won’t stop believing.

…until it happens.

And it’s happening.

This DREAM team of rock stars is leading the charge.

Dawn Brolin, CPA

Mariette Martinez, EA

Jim Beddows, CPA

Ingrid Edstrom, CPA (and Penny the Practical Professional)

Caleb Jenkins, CPA (Top 40 Under 40)

Carol Oliver, CPA (Producer Scaling New Heights)

Julie Gilmer, CPA

Renee Daggett, CPA, Author

Meryl Lane-Knoll, Intuit ProAdvisor

Rhonda MacKinnon Rosand (Top 100 ProAdvisor)

Silvia Evans, CPA (Top 100 ProAdvisor)

Trey Crouch, Broken Road Towing

Danielle Vincent, Cowboy Soaps; Coffee and Class podcast

Liz Lindow, P2Bi Client Success

Melinda Emerson, Small Biz Lady

Dianna Geairn, Irreverant Sales Girl

Nina Kaufman, Esq. “Cash Out Big” podcast

Jim Blasingame, Small Business Advocate

Debbie Posner, Fluent in English

Nancy Roberson, Publisher AMACOM Books

FedEx Small Business Team

Leslie Barber, OWN It Network

Audra Lindsay, OWN It Network

Alison Ball, Intuit ProAdvisors

Joe Woodard, CPA (Woodard Events)

Mary Nattress, Bookkeeper

Nina Noman, Social Media Guru, Intuit

RJL Financial

Danielle Cahill

Carmen Manrique

Edwina Glass, CPA

50% small business failure rates? You’re fired!

This year, the tide turns in favor of small business survival.

It will not turn back.

DF Consulting, Inc. alone has saved over 400 small businesses.

Now it’s time to equip every, single small business owner to grow profits and cash flow to thrive.

If you’re with us, please write your name in the comments section and we’ll add you to the growing list of professionals committed to making small business history.

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