Discipline – the Bridge Between Goals & Accomplishments


It’s a question that I’ve pondered often and when I think of it, I think of my friend Laura, a world-class marathon runner. Three pieces of advice that I first heard from Laura and that stick in my mind were:

Change a habit for 21 consecutive days and your life will change.

Second, prepare your body and mind the night before, not the morning of. Give yourself fewer excuses in the morning to do that run.

Third, acknowledge that you’ll feel great after it’s done. And you will. Keep your eye on the prize; the benefit of this change. The voice in your head that has a thousand excuses not to do it? Tell it, “I know you’re there, now be quiet, I have work to do.”

So tomorrow, I’m going to wake up a half an hour earlier to go work out by the East River. The weather’s beautiful and that alone should provide some inspiration.

I’ll also do some stretching tonight to prepare my body for what I need it to do tomorrow morning. My workout clothes will also be laid out tonight. And I might even wear my new sneakers.

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