Best Small Business Resources: Field Center at Baruch College

The small business resources we post here are proven services to help small businesses make more money.

Are you looking for free workshops to help start a new business or improve existing businesses suffering in this recession? Here’s one answer that might help.

This recommendation comes from my colleague at The King’s College, Dr. Robert Carle, regarding The Field Center at Baruch College in New York City.

“The Field Center at Baruch College in New York offers free workshops geared to start-up and established businesses. My friends who have attended these workshops say that they are excellent.

Here is the website description “These workshops are free, non credit-bearing, and are taught by the Field Mentors who are faculty from the Zicklin School of Business.

Workshops such as business plan development and starting new ventures are designed to provide a foundation for the entrepreneur.

Other courses such as e-commerce and management workshops are designed to improve a business owner’s knowledge and skills in specific areas.

Workshops are also offered on such topics as franchising, home-based businesses, financing, sales techniques, record keeping, and low-cost advertising.

These workshops are some of the best small business resources offered throughout the year. To find out more about upcoming workshops please call us at 646 312-4790 or email us. “

The link below describes the May workshops.  I will attend the “Business Plan Basics” workshop on May 19.”

What a treasure to know this small business resource exists!

Thanks, Dr. Carle for letting us know.

If you don’t have time to attend an on site workshop, you should check out our training video library. It’s the best small business resource on the web.

Best Small Business Training

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