Best Small Business Accounting Software: Why QuickBooks is King

There are many nominees for best small business accounting software, but QuickBooks is still number 1.  Does QuickBooks deserve this #1 status or is it just the default pick because it is so well-known?

According to Trae Wieniewitz, an experienced small business owner, QuickBooks is number 1 for a reason:

We are in the business of helping our clients do financial planning as well as tax preparation.  To help stay focused on our clients without getting caught up in the details of running our business, we use QuickBooks Online. It’s a simple, affordable way to keep track of your books and obtain important financial data needed to make smart business decisions. We utilize the multiple user feature to allow our office to input data as well as our accountants to access data.  When it comes to tax time, all the reports necessary to get our returns done quickly and accurately are easily accessible.

Trae added that it’s well worth trying QuickBooks’ 30-day free trial.  And, beyond that, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee after the free trial.  This gives you three months to decide if QuickBooks is the best small business accounting software for you with no risk to you or your business.

As a successful small business owner, Trae Wieniewitz highly recommends QuickBooks as a great way to improve your business by simplifying your accounting process.

Thanks, Trae, for your valuable advice!  Trae runs a multi-million dollar business, providing financial planning and tax services to clients all over the Southeast, so we know he has plenty of experience backing his comments.  Trae is very resilient as well.  His business was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but he was rebuilt it, from scratch, to be even more successful today.

If you would like contact Trae directly, please use the links below:

Trae Wieniewitz President – Wieniewitz Financial and Affordable Tax Solutions /

We’ve got a ton of trust-worthy recommendation about QuickBooks!  Be sure to check out our overview of the best small business accounting software!

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