Best Small Business Accounting Software: The Pros of Quickbooks Online

The best small business accounting software for your business might be different from the business down the street.  But one thing is clear: QuickBooks is the most popular option overall, and has been for many years.  We’ve been talking to various experts about QuickBooks to learn the pros and cons of both the online and offline versions.

Cathy Iconis, CPA with the Iconis Group, says this about QuickBooks Online and why she prefers the online small business accounting software version to QuickBooks desktop:

“My favorite system is QuickBooks Online.  It’s actually a completely different system than the desktop version and its much more flexible!

Now, a lot of CPAs hate QuickBooks Online because it is like learning a whole new system, but I think it’s great!”

Here are some of the awesome features of QuickBooks Online:

  1. Email Features: With QuickBooks Online you can email estimates/invoices to clients in a jiffy!

  2. Memorized Reports: You can create handy reports that are memorized and then schedule them to be automatically email out.

  3. Unlimited “Report-Only” Users: If you need to add a whole bunch of people on to your account, you can.  These users can have full access to all your reports!

  4. Unlimited “Time-Entry” Users: Another handy feature, because employees or contractors can enter their time online and you can simply pull the data onto your invoices automatically!  You won’t believe how much time this saves!

  5. Budgeting Tools: This is a very helpful feature that lets you budget without having to worry about entering in all the details!

  6. Online Banking: Welcome to the 21th Century folks! Now you can seamless integrate all your accounts, pay your bills, and check you balances all online and all in one place!

Thanks, Cathy, for filling us in on the best small business accounting software out there!

If you want to contact Cathy at the Iconis Group, see below:

Cathy Iconis, CPA w: 404.496.8944 m: 404.944.5296.

And if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to hit the Panic Button.  It’s the only help desk for small businesses online.  No nonsense.  No kidding.

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