Best Small Business Accounting Software- Rocware for Purchase Orders

Best Small Business Accounting Software can help you save time and money. Rocware was reviewed for us by Sarah Welle. If you order regularly from suppliers for components or finished goods, Rocware might be able to simplify your ordering and record keeping. Here are Sarah’s comments…

“Hi Dawn, I wanted to write to you about, which is a new product (software as a service) that helps make the accounting process for small business easier than Quickbooks – specifically the Purchase Order process.

Rocware reduces the amount of time & cost it takes for small businesses to create, send, and manage Purchase Orders.

Currently business owners have to spend an incredible amount of time maintaining their own database of product information they buy from their vendors.

Then they manually type this information into a form in accounting software (most often Quickbooks) to create Purchase Orders which they attach to emails via PDF.

If the vendor requests a change to the PO before approving it (maybe a new SKU, or a different shipping date, etc) the business owner has to go back into Quickbooks and re-create the Purchase Order, then resend it in another email, again via PDF attachment .

Then the small business owner waits for the vendor to reply back (or give them a phone call) to say “yes, now this is approved and I will fulfill it”.

All info with the vendor is scattered throughout the inbox, or on notes jotted down after phone calls.  It’s incredibly difficult and tedious to manage because even the best small business accounting software doesn’t make tracking this process easy.

Rocware brings this entire process online to save time and money.  We enable business owners to create and send purchase orders as dynamic, live documents.

The vendor accesses the Purchase Order via a secure link, reviews the PO, then clicks an Accept or Decline button.

The business owner gets instant notification of whether the Vendor has accepted or declined the Purchase Order within having to slog through his or her email inbox.

Rocware can be used from anywhere to create and manage POs – including devices like iPads and iPhones.

If a PO is declined by a vendor, the business owner will recieve notes from the vendor directly within the Purchase Order itself.   He then simply needs to log in to his dashboard and make the edits requested by the Vendor – then hit resent.

The business owner can track the status of all current and historical purchase orders within one easy to use dashboard that is updated in real time as new POs are being sent out, approved or rejected, etc.

We started this business after our experience running a small toy company and realizing the incredible amount of time small business owners spend managing these little transaction details.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time growing your business?

Check out our website at  I’d be happy to chat with you via phone or email if youre interested in our story.  Thanks for your time!”

Sarah Welle 206-910-9988

The Best Small Business Accounting Software is not always obvious. We thanks Sarah for taking the time to tell us about Rocware.

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