Best Small Business Accounting Software-Quickbooks vs. Peachtree

Best Small Business Accounting Software publishes reviews from small business experts on which accounting software they favor and why.

The comments below are from Darrell Rodgers of Emerald Data Networks, Inc.

“Working with several hundred small businesses over the years we’ve seen just about every kind of accounting package out there.

The reality is that Quickbooks is still the most used and the easiest to use. Peachtree Accounting is the the number two application that we see for small business accounting.

Peachtree is a bit truer to its roots for standard accounting principles, but most business owners don’t care about that.

Quickbooks has automated and eased most functions that a business owner will want from an accounting package and continues to improve their interface and usability.

We’d still rate them Quickbooks #1 and Peachtree #2.”

Thank you very much for your comments, Darrell. We appreciate you taking the time comment on the best small business accounting software available for our visitors.

To contact Dayle Rodgers, go to:

Dayle Darrell Rodgers, President Emerald Data Networks, Inc. 678.302.3000 x1100

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