Best Small Business Accounting Software-Quickbooks Online vs. Offline

Best Small Business Accounting software articles review expert opinions on available accounting software for small businesses.

Cathy Iconis, CPA, says this about QuickBooks Online and why she prefers the online small business accounting software version to QuickBooks desktop.

“My favorite system is QuickBooks Online.  Its actually a completely different system than the desktop version – it even has different terms for certain things!

You also have to call a completely different number for support.  My firm provides outsourced accounting to small businesses and the flexibility that QuickBooks Online provides is its biggest asset.

Now, a lot of CPAs hate QuickBooks Online because it is like learning a whole new system, but I think its great!

Here are some of the awesome features of QuickBooks Online:

– Email estimates/invoices to clients

– Create memorized reports that can be automatically scheduled to email out

– Unlimited report only users

– Unlimited time entry users – they can enter their time online and you can pull it into your invoices without duplicate entry!

– Budgeting tools

– Online Banking Thats a pretty good summary of the awesome stuff in QuickBooks Online.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.”

Thanks, Cathy, for answering our query and reducing our confusion regarding the best small business accounting software solution for small business.

Most software now is in the cloud and it makes sense. No downloads, no need to back up application software, no need to worry about upgrades. It’s all seamless. Even QuickBooks has figured this out.

If you want to contact Cathy at the Iconis Group, click the link below. We thank her for her valuable advice.

Cathy Iconis, CPA w: 404.496.8944 m: 404.944.5296

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