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Best small business accounting software can make your life so much easier. We received two testimonials from users of Josh Kotler of and Nath Jones, a freelance writer, both had glowing reports. Here’s what they said:

“My favorite accounting software is As a web design and development company with lots of projects and clients to handle, we need to have quick access to our numbers.

I found OutRight to be much easier to use than Quickbooks, very affordable, and fast. It also benefits me that it is web-based, so I can update and view my numbers from any computer. I recommended OutRight to several of our clients and they are happy with it too. In summary: OutRight is easy to use and shows you the numbers fast and easy.

Josh Kotlar

Founder at MyOfficeHelper


Nath Jones, a freelance writer  had this to say about

“I’m a writer, and I started using within the past year.  I love it. The design is attractive, user-friendly, and highly functional for any kind of freelancer. There are reminders about upcoming dates to pay different kinds of taxes and a variety of easy ways to assess your bottom-line.”

Nath Jones

The best small business accounting software for you may vary with the type of business you are running and how many variables you need to track. Nath and Josh have given us some valuable feedback that could help you find accounting software that is easy to use, inexpensive to run with adequate security to protect information and transaction data.

Best small business accounting software is the first step to maintaining adequate controls to help you make great decisions to grow your business.

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