ABC Shark Tank- Victoria’s Kitchen- How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Brand

Deborah and David need to do three things:

Buy the Snapple Case from Harvard Business School

First, Deborah and David need to go to Harvard Business School Cases and buy the Snapple case for a big hot $9.00 and read it. It’s a playbook on how to gain marketshare in a saturated beverage market. They have Almond Water, a brand new category that is delicious and unique. The world has enough Kamboucha and Iced Tea.

Triarc Companies knows the specialty drink market.

Second, they need to get a hold of the Triarc Companies. Tell them you can be as large as Mystic Soda. You need distribution in the cold channel. (Your merchandising by the way is wonderful).

Sampling is the key to sell through at retail. Invest in it.

Third, this dynamic duo need to sample the living daylights out of the product. Whole Foods should be much more positive about giving you space and location if you sample for at least a week.

Don’t run out of inventory when you’re on national television!

Fourth, please make sure you have inventory for sale. I couldn’t buy this product in NYC anywhere! I went to three places; Whole Foods, Gourmet Garage and the website. Be sure your sales channel knows about your product and understands how to merchandise it.

Follow this advice and you’ll have a multi-million dollar brand within two years. Then let’s celebrate with Almond Water and Apple cake on the Seine; just like Grandma Victoria used to make.

My book Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners will be your best success companion on your journey. It will show you how to double your profits with half the work.

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